[Personal training]

Body maintenance

C Professional Conditioning Room offers programs (Conditioning and personal training) for those who think seriously about their body. We examine the body for the purpose of "performance improvement" (Include intake of foods) and "complete cure of injury". The program starts with counseling and examination of the body. Curing an injury takes a lot of time. Whether it is trauma or lifestyle, there are always causes for injuries and malfunctions, and a recovery approach based on the examination results is necessary.

Most importantly (include performance), we need to know the cause of the injury to cure the pain completely. In addition to the physical aspect, we will provide correction programs from different other angles (medicalcheck and command system), including the mental aspect, the nervous system of the brain, and overall body function (endocrine system).

  • Personal Training
  • Conditioning
  • Rehabilitation
  • Sports massage

From medical check, We offer from the mechanism of 8 cycles.

  1. Personal training - Training suitable for the individual purpose
  2. Strength - Performance increase
  3. Stretching - Body Base
  4. Repair - Improve Condition
  5. Care - Prevention of injuries
  6. Condition - Understanding of the body
  7. Maintenance - Regular medical checkups
  8. Lecture - Mechanism and theory

Endocrine / Tricarboxylic acid cycle(Krebs cycle) / OBLA(Onset of Blood Lactate Accumulation) / 200 pieces of bone/300 places of joint / 600 species of muscle / 3 types of muscle fibers (Type1. Type2a. Type 2b) / Voluntary movement and Involuntary movement / 60 trillion Neuronal cell

Neuron Nerve system (60 trillion) ①Peripheral nerves A:Living body Biological nerve (a.Sensory neuron b.Motor neuron) B:Atonomic nerve (a.Sympathetic nerve b.Parasympathetic nerve) ②Central nervous A:Brain B:Spinal cord

Continuously checking the current state of your body, we will provide guidance and treatment according to your needs.
(Private studio)

We offer a combination of following training.

[Resistance Training]

  • Anatomical adaptation (Training to recover from injury)
  • Negative work training (Eccentric training)
  • Positive work (Concentric training)
  • Isometric training (Isotonic muscle action)
  • Slow training
  • Power training
  • Core stabilization training
  • Voluntary movement / Involuntary movement, command system training
  • Endurance training
  • PNF (Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation) training

[Sports massage]
Athlete Cyclist Business person Public

Regularly scheduled body maintenance plus checkup every 4 months recommended. A businessman's health management is an important part of the job, we suggest work schedule incorporated conditioning (and maintenance in sports massage) as regular routine.

*Whether professional or amateur, we provide to all.



Free first consultation
11,000 yen per session (60 minutes)
100,000 yen for 10 sessions (pre-paid ticket)

[Benefit system]

Corporate contract for personal training (conditioning).

The health management of hard working staff is very important. Providing necessary treatment is a responsibility on the part of the company. It increases corporate value and makes corporations attractive.


180,000 yen + tax for 20 sessions (60 minutes)

[Career support]

  1. Personal trainer (independence support / transition from athlete to trainer)
  2. Physical therapist (career enhancement, skill improvement)

Classroom training, guidance of treatment, palpation, diagnostic examination, complete cure, mind correction, independence support, treatment guidance in the actual field, and training.

If you are a freelance instructor and personal trainer looking for a space to train your clients, contact us.
Studio for rent : studio


Depending on the purpose of training.
*Limited to those who are training themselves (conditioning) and who do not smoke.