Seiji Saito Born July 28, 1965, Tokyo

  • Personal Trainer (Soigneur)
  • Sports Director
  • Certified Coach, Japan Sport Association (JSPO JCF)

Seiji started cycling races at the age of 13. Participating in races as a member of club teams and the Japanese National team, he became a professional contracted cyclist. Having raced in Europe, Australia and the United States, back in Japan, he learned the theory of training (exercise physiology, endocrine, anatomy, command system, mental management). Since 2001, he has been contracted as a personal trainer and established a business partnership with Samadhi Health Club in 2012. Drawing from his own experiences in the past, he has been involved in the treatment and complete cure of injuries of many athletes, gaining extensive experiences in this field. In addition to physical training, he provides conditioning for people in pain and incorrect or dissatisfying condition. He also provides guidance for physical therapists about treatment, palpation, diagnostic examination, rehabilitation, and complete cure of patients.

Actual session result (2001-2021) : 25.000 session (Including conditioning and repair)

In 2013, with his colleagues, Seiji began providing training programs for cyclists. From 2017, they started teaching cyclists under 23 years of age(U15, U17, U19, U23). Cyclists need extensive preparations, body enhancement, practice methods, mental stability, behavior, and knowledge necessary to enter the professional stage. Regardless of the team you belong to, they provide individual guidance and consulting. Seiji also provides support for teams and races as a sports director.

In 2020, he relocated his activities to a private training room in Shimbashi, Tokyo, which allows him to provide more intensive and focused training for cyclists who aim to become professional.
In 2022, Seiji is preparing to extend his activities in Okinawa.

【Best performance data】
Height: 177cm, Weight: 62kg, Body fat percentage 6%
Heart rate capacity: 36-202bpm, FTP (OBLA) 1hour/Max Average HR: 191bpm


1979Komazawa HOTARU Racing Club (Club Team) U15. U17_1.
1980Nippon Institute of Technology affiliated high school cycling club, U17_2. U19_1. 2.
1983Team SAKAE (SR Suntour Inc) Club Team Member, U23_1. 2. 3.
1986Team PEARL iZUMi Club Team Member Trainee, 1-2. 1986 U23_4.
1986Nichinao SiDI Campagnolo, Professional contract. as from 3.1986, U23_4 -
Japan National Team Member
1989ART SPORTS Maglia rosa Cycling Team, Professional contract.
Japan National Team Member
1991SPECIALIZED Cycling Team, Professional contract.
1994Fitzroy Cycles Cycling Team (Melbourne)  Club Team Member
Velo Club de SETAGAYA Club Team Member
2001Fitness Club Workout World Japan, Personal trainer contract.
2006Fitness Gym Mid Breath, Personal trainer contract.
2012Samadhi Health Club, Business partnership.
2018 presentNEXT Akasaka-Base, Personal trainer contract.
2019 presentYmanakako Cycling Team (Club Team)
Sports director and Trainer​ (Soigneur).
2020 presentC Professional Conditioning Room Tokyo
2022 presentAt Uruma City, Okinawa, Add new studio.