Address 2-4-28 #706 MEGRO MEGRO-KU TOKYO 153-0063 JAPAN
Established 1988

Description of Business

・Management of sports players
・Career Support for Sports Athlete
・Consulting and Coordinate services related to cycling
・Coaching of Cycling
・Personal Training / Conditioning
・Trainee (U15 U17 Junior U23) / Management and Operation of "Practice club"
・Medical Support
・"C Professional Conditioning Room" with cooperate


The first is Nurturing of cyclist in domestic and Modified of Mind.
It is my policy to expand Japanese cycling and the domestic cycling industry from its present base. Instead of recreating the same environment found in Europe, I wish to use the larger sports environment to create a unique "local" cycling environment, which also reflects the national road conditions as well as customs. In addition, as a professional, I wish to utilize my skills and experiences to support the working environment of all athletes who make a living in their respective sports, as well as those who retire from their fields through a "career support" process.