The Charipro Personal Training and Coaching is aimed at and offered to those who are serious about their physical wellbeing. If you are seeking to improve upon existing performance, or are looking to improve your physique through training and exercise, I should be able to guide you through quality training and knowledge/guidance gained through years of professional experience.

Performance and potential of its own body and Want to be faster to think about that seriously. Cyclist (professional amateur Underage). Moreover endurance Sport athletes. I will provide to the general public from the beginner. In addition,seriously think about that of body to the everyone.
The first,Start with counseling.、



Practice of cycling and Coaching or Personal Training, and more Job content.
fee:60 minutes / 5,000 Yen(Trial training)

Personal Training

[Stretching / Conditioning]
Basic Training. The most important training.
Physical Management / Mental Management / Rehabilitation

[Endurance Training]
Regardless of whether one is a professional or an amateur athlete, this training process will help to build up the targeted muscles. In this process the range of motion for muscles and joints will be confirmed and reassessed throughout the training process. Altogether, the aim of this training program is to increase ones overall performance levels. also Practice of a command system for motor nerve.
lumbar or pelvic and hip joint training, and Core Stabilization Training.

[Core Stabilization Training / Strengths and Resistance Training]
Whether it is weight loss learning to recover faster (from intensive training or racing), or increase metabolism, the training is designed to meet your needs, helping you to avoid injury. This training is designed for people seeking to improve / build their body, increase overall flexibility, as well as help you to reassess your present lifestyle and general way of living. and, Core muscles training.
・Negative Reps Training (Eccentric Training)
・Isometric Training
・Slow Training
・Anatomical Adaptation
・Power training
・PNF(Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation)

[Cyclist's Training]
Training to replace the practice of cycling. Lesson in the cycle trainer. also Practice of a command system for motor nerve.

 Personal Training 60 minutes 8,000 Yen
 10 times tiket 10 × 60 minutes 70,000 Yen
 Use of Gym(studio) studio Every time 3,000 Yen


AT <Anaerobic Threshold>
LT 【Lactate Threshold】
VT 【Ventilation Threshold】
OBLA【Onset of Blood Lactate Accumulation】

【200 pieces of bone. 300 places of joint. 600 species of muscle】
【3 types of muscle fibers】
【voluntary muscles and involuntary muscles】
【60 trillion Neuronal cell】

【Tricarboxylic acid cycle(Krebs cycle)】
【AT(Anaerobic Threshold)】 LT (Lactate Threshold) VT(Ventilation Threshold)
【OBLA】(Onset of Blood Lactate Accumulation)

【Neuron / Nerve system】

Cycling Coach

[Cycling Lectures]
Review of the basic structure/skeleton of the bicycle as well as lessons on proper sizing/adjustments. Review of muscle and joint movement / recovery mechanisms for the body / physiology, and lessons for proper eating.
Physical Management / Mental Management
Race Tactics / Theory of Practice

[Lessons on riding techniques]
Riding Form (1.flat level ground, 2.climbing, 3.cornering) / sitting and dancing / joint and muscle movement / muscle isolation and confirming the range of movement for joints / basics of pedaling.
Physiology and Anatomy of cycling.
For your best riding, it is important to ensure all settings and maintenance are properly set and implemented.

[Road training (Practice)]
Training of increasing the speed and Practice / Maximum cruising speed AT(LT)
Anatomical Adaptation / Power training / Endurance training
Tactics also Winning how to
If you are an amateur or a professional player, if you are looking to "have fun while cycling", "desiring to become a stronger rider" or "wanting to win", I can help you with the proper training and race strategies based on your needs. also Practice of a command system for motor nerve. and Race Tactics

I take a shot VTR, Riding. Check yourself of pedaling and riding form, coaching your.

It is also possible to use this road training together with personal training in the gym.

 Cycling Coach 3 hours 35,000 Yen
 Discount tiket Please use divided into 10 times
・Cycling coach 90 minutes [2]times
・Cycling coach 3 hours [4]times
・Personal Training at the gym [1]times
(Use of Gym(studio) studio
70,000 Yen

Medical Support

Contract in accordance with the purpose. Will support you. to Player, Team, Athlete, and Professionals also Amateurs,

Consulting services / Coordinate

A new business plans Planning and Production Safety management Lecture and Seminar Group session Training
fee:90 minutes / 20,000 Yen - ( 1 day / 100.000 Yen - )

Guidance to the practitioner also Trainer or Coach

Guidance to the practitioner performing the treatment, Palpation method, Diagnosis, Guidance, Clinical, Rehabilitation. Training.
also Improve knowledge and technology Purpose of fundamental skill up Lectures, practical Training for Master a skill, to Trainer or Coach

C Professional Conditioning Room

Practice club (Training school)

This club is for " In order to win" training and plctce
《Wanted》 Press PDF

・LSD( Pace Line) 100km(Gear ratio 2.8) VTR
・40〜45qph Pace Line / 1 min rotation
・To speed 55qph and 50kmph keep 10 sec rotation / 2.3kmStraight line interval VTR
・Climb slope of 4% High load Gear ratio Spin LSD(Gear ratio 2.8) VTR
・Downward slope of 3% Top Gear ratio To accelerateMAX

This place is Start cycling also Training and practice club
《Wanted》 Press PDF

Leader Training Project

Family Benefit Service

We offer benefits program for personal training and leaders training through corporate contract.