Career Support

Professional Career support provided. Personal training support services provided to all active riders or retired athletes.
In addition, I am also training of coach of cycling,

Career support (for all levels - amateurs or professionals)

  1. Second Career Support for retired athletes
    Would you be interested in putting your knowledge and the experience as an active sportsman to use as a personal trainer or coach? Whether it was through daily training, or other unique factors, would you like to impart your knowledge and educate others on the processes of how you were able to achieve results as an athlete or impart on to others what you were unable to accomplish and why? Through sports lets impart the importance of "health and exercise", "training properly to avoid injury", and "ways to improve our bodies". Why not consider becoming a professional instructor to provide others with clear logic and reasoning using your experience, cultivated outside of textbooks and theories, to properly train others in the physical and mental aspects of sports.
  2. Support for active and full time athletes
    Support is also provided for active full time athletes. For those athletes finding it difficult to continue without financial support, would you be interested in becoming a personal trainer or coach to help you raise the necessary capital to continue your training activities.

On becoming a Personal Trainer and coach

A "Personal Trainer and coach" is a professional "exercise trainer or coach" that signs a contract with a client, whether an individual or a company, to help achieve their respective goals. These goals are achieved by providing the right environment and advice through "exercise and health" as well as "eating and lifestyle". It is important to have strong coaching and guidance abilities to properly communicate the theories and skills/practices learned over time. Thus, strong communication skills are deemed important, but it is also important to have a minimum level of business skills and manners as well. It can be said, that the skills sets to be a high quality personal trainer to not only involve being one of the best in their respective fields of sport, but also being strong in the business environment as well.


In order to properly transition from a full time athlete to a professional trainer, a little correction in ones way of thinking will be required. During the training period, support will be provided to you until you are capable of transitioning into a full time independent free-lance personal trainer. You will be properly taught in a business environment, the appropriate way to communicate your skills and the theories that you have acquired over time to others in a proper manner. In addition, you will be taught proper ways to address your clients, proper business manners, as well as management of the business. Each curriculum is set to meet each ones level, and will be taught on a "one to one" basis on the job.


The fees associated with the training will depend on each individuals skill levels, and will also include additional actual expenses incurred in the training process. Because each training session will be arranged to meet each individuals skill levels, it is necessary to understand that cost of the training process will also include counseling to get to the proper curriculum for each person.


Will support the following individuals meeting the requirements listed below:

  1. Sports athletes, individuals with sports athlete experience
    (professionals, amateurs, regardless of the field of sport, or athletes with prior experience)
  2. Individuals who are presently in training
  3. Individuals who do not smoke
  4. Individuals who speak Japanese

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